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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hard at Work on the 2012 Block of the Month

I know it doesn't look like it but I was busy working on the 2012 Block of the Month list of names.  Then a few guys had another idea.  I guess they missed me while I was in Alabama visiting my son and his family.  The grandkids are getting big.  I still can't understand 3 year old Shyanne, partly because she is 3 and partly because she has a really southern accent!

Don't forget the first meeting of the 2012 Block of the Month on Monday January 2 at either 10:00 am or 7:000 pm.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Auction Tonight

Rich and I went to a junk auction tonight in Tecumseh.  We met Crystal S. there (it was her first  auction).  Rich bought another clock (sigh) and I bought Crystal some yarn thingies that you use on a sock knitting machine.
Tomorrow I am going to do a custom quilt at home and on Monday hopefully start and finish my Christmas shopping.  Wish me luck (all 3 of my followers)!

Learning to Blog

This morning I'm trying out Google Blogging to see if this would be an easier way to keep in touch with all my customers.  This next week at the shop should be pretty quiet so I might just play around with this site and see how I can get people to sign up.  Then I want to know if it will be able to come as an e-mail to followers.  Too much to learn!!!!